moral challenge students of lecture

ag00450_in this day and age a lot of the Morale among today’s younger generation, is considered to be concerned with the behavior and morals deteriorated due to various problems, The moral decline, partly because of the physical construction has not been comparable to moral development, so that the next generation be less morals nurtured well,
the pace of infrastructure development is quite fast now and not worth the moral education for future generations. Impact, moral future generation of the nation now has begun to diminish,
The condition is coupled with an era of openness through access to information technology that has no limits anymore, Increasingly mushrooming information technology development, and when it is not anticipated with better moral education, the next generation can worry about getting mired in negative actions, so we as the youth as the next generation and budding Indonesian nation is to remain always consider the future of this nation it is not out of the whole society, especially the elderly and scholars as well as umara to continue to foster the next generation, with full responsibility. When it’s done properly, then the morale of the nation will be better able to be repaired.

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