English,English and English.Why the English language? English is important knowledge.better than the love the English so the English will love you back.Many reasons why we must study English,love the English.Let see it:

  1. To increase the global understanding
  2. To increase job opportunity
  3. To increase our language habit
  4. To increase cognivity and life skill
  5. To increase opportunity go to famous campus
  6. To make our vacation is fun
  7. To increase the choice to study in foreigner country
  8. To increase your value
  9. To make relation and built the international network

Hmmm.its very,start from now to study the English.And don’t forget,never give early,the future is better.



2 responses to this post.

  1. i like it…/for all the skiil,my confident after reading “that/it”


  2. […] The Reasons to Study English ( […]


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