How can a teacher inculcate moral values among its students?

teaching of teacher

In my view, it is much easier to address a student’s mind than to address the heart. The afective attitudinal aspects are not independent of students’ cognition, which is typically associated with “knowledge” and “information.” Practically, probably the first step is to convince students at a personal level that you want them to learn not because this your job but because you love them and care about them. “CARE” commonly used nowadays in nursing studies is a basic concept in any form of human interaction if success and continuity are sought. This might, to an extent, seem idealistic, but our daily practices may support its validity as an approach for tolerating students’ mishaps when some students are convinced they might be the ones who are tolerating their instructor’s mishaps….unfortunatly. Although I intend to make things easier, I cannot but acknowledge the fact that the academic insitutions themselves are probably no longer functioning as they used to or as they are supposed to. The deterioration in our students’ behaviors also might need to be contextualized….Mishaps, clearly, are prevalent almost everywhere on this planet. Where, then, can one design a narrow corner in his/her immediate context with his/her students to convince them there is so much good thing to live and work for? Care, patience, commitment to good values, and dedication to serve are, in my view, important in order to leave a print in our students’ personalities.


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