Cigarette Advertising Should Be Banned

Cigarette advertising should be banned. As we all know if cigarette is very dangerous for our healthy, but a lot of people especially teen-agers, who doesn’t smoke always want to try if they are looking cigarette advertising in the TV, all along the road or far and wide they will find it.

Firstly, cigarette, as we all know if it is bad for us. Nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by cigarette, such as cigarette can make lung cancer, cough, asthma etc. but many people still smoke everytime. They don’t care about all of it. The main thing is that they can be smoking.

Secondly, the smokers who stop smoking want to try again if they are looking at cigarette advertising, moreover if there is new brand of cigarette which is advertised. Absolutely, they will become chain smokers again. They said if they have not feel relief, if they haven’t to try smoking yet.

Thirdly, many women hate cigarette, especially if their husband is chain smoker, they feel cigarette is either of wasting in the household. Moreover, many women allergic smoke, such as there is a man who is smoking near of a woman, so the woman will avoid him soon.

Finally, the smokers can not stop smoking although they do therapy if still many cigarettes advertising anywhere.

In conclusion, cigarette advertising should be banned, in order that all of people, especially teen-agers and chain smokers can stop smoking.


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