In a kingdom. There is a case of a baby who was recognized by two mothers who wanted to have the child. A judge apparently had difficulty in determining which women actually be the child’s mother.


Because of unresolved cases. Judge then forced the king to ask for help. King also helped resolve this case. Yet it all the way done by the king to resolve this case. But the result is still the same two women did not want to beat. Finally, the desperate king. And memangggil man named riyoku. Riyoku is a great and intelligent young man. He always could resolve a difficult problem.


Riyoku replace judges present. Riyoku not want to impose that judgment on the day but put off until the next day. Everyone present believes Riyoku definitely looking for ways to solve this problem is as usual.


The next day the trial court forwarded again. Riyoku call the executioner with a sword in hand. Riyoku ordered that the baby was put on the table.


“What are you gonna do with that baby?” Said the second woman. Riyoku then continue the dialogue.


“Before I take action if any of you are willing to give in and hand over the baby to who is entitled to have it? ”


“No, it was my baby.” Said the second woman.


“Well, if you really want the baby and no one wants to budge so I had to split the baby in half.” Said Riyoku.


The first woman happy and very happy, but the second woman screamed hysterically.


“Do not, please do not split the baby. Let me willingly handed the baby to her krpada whole. “Said peremouan second. Riyoku immediately took the baby and immediately handed over to the two women.


Riyoku first requested that women be punished according to his deeds. Because no mother bear to watch his son slaughtered. Especially in front of his own eyes. The king was very satisfied with the decision Riyoku. And as a grateful king offered Riyoku judge advised the kingdom. But Riyoku refuses and prefers being a commoner.


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