The Description of the Interior of Ka’bah


The characteristics of Ka’bah from within are as follows:

At the Shami Corner, on the right side of Ka’bah, there is the staircase leading to the roof. It is a rectangular, closed, and windowless room. Its northern and eastern sides are part of the original wall of Ka’bah, and the stairs are concealed inside the room. It has a door with a special lock and is covered with a beautiful silk curtain inscribed and decorated with gold and silver.

The thickness of the southern wall of the stairs, which includes the door, is 225 centimeters, and the thickness of the western wall is 150 centimeters. If a person ascends the staircase to the roof to the height of two meters, he will find a small door before him and another one to the left. Both of them reach the two ceilings of Ka’bah. The space between the two ceilings is 120 centimeters. The stairs end at the roof with a skylight where a tight cover is fixed to prevent rain seeping in. This cover is opened when ascending to the roof.

Inside  Ka’bah there are three pillars that support the ceiling. They are made of the finest wood ever known. They were erected by Abdullah Ibn AlZubair (may Allah be pleased with them) more than 1350 years ago. They are brownish-black and the circumference of each pillar is approximately 150 centimeters with a diameter of 44 centimeters. Each one has a square, inscribed wooden base. Between the three pillars there is a hanger holding donations to Ka’bah.

There is a support beam that extends over the three pillars with both its ends extending to the northern and southern walls. The three pillars are as high as the first ceiling adjacent to the interior of Ka’bah. They do not extend to the upper ceiling but several beams of wood, one over the other, were put on the top of the three pillars inside the ceilings until they reached the upper ceiling. The pillars support the two ceilings and every pillar has three bands to strengthen it.

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