experience about learning english

experienceEvery one knows that English is so important today, but how to do and learn it well? Let me share some experience for you. According to a report of newspaper form American’s universities said that in the future, most of schools will ask every student to be capable of reading and writing well. And Students have to take examinations in writing or reading .Of course, schools will also ask students to show their testes before entering schools .Therefore, it is more important today than it was in the past.
Based on my perception, I really agree this topic because when you are raising your ability t read and write, you can search more and more information what you want. Besides, you can write yourself more than others. No doubt to say, you will understand most of meaning after you read it. So, you have to read more articles as soon as you can. For instance, reading some fairy stories or novels that you can figure out every sentence and grammar .Furthermore, you can watch some movies so that listening her or his accent and learning some simple words. Keep going and stay by stay that your English is better day after day. If you are able to make time to push your English, you can write down every sentence when you are watching movies or listening the tapes. Then, repeating again that you will realize how is so amazing way. The most important thing is when you are reading the article, you should speak and pronounce it. Not only that, you can use recording machine to record it .Actually, it is so funny because I find out my pronunciation is so strange and not smooth. It really help you to know how good you are and where you should make it up.
However, most of people are so worried about vocabulary, especially, to remember a plenty of words. For me, I am not so worried about reminding words because I will separate every time to remember all of words and figure out how to pronounce it. It is really good for me to do it. If I cannot remember words, I am not upset. The reason why I am not so disappointed? I know I can read some article and some words is repeated. Then I am able to remember words more and more time. Thus, don’t be feeling bad if you cannot memory all of words. It is a bit difficult that remembering words in the first time or a shorter time.
Finally, don’t be shy and try to talk some foreign people if you have a chance. Even though, you are capable to read, write, and listen very good, but your pronunciation is so bad. It is also no use.
The reason is you cannot chat with people and communicate your friends in your daily life. If you want to find the job, you should have an interview. Therefore, you are able to talk with your boss how good you are or your good idea. And then speak well and frequently otherwise; you can fire out or not be hired. As a result, it is defiantly important thing to chat with your friends or people if you have a chance. Moreover, if you cannot understand what is meaning, you can ask others immediately. Then you will learn more and enjoy the good time. Thus, trying to copy and learn some people pronounce if you think she or he is good. Don’t give up day after day, I think that pronunciation is improved and frequently as same as American.
Above list of my experience, if you are same problem with me, you can try to use my way to chance yourself. Maybe, it is good for you.


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