Friend forever!


A Real Friend

by Katherine Sessor

A real friend would forgive

If I did something wrong
A real friend will lend a hand
Whenever I’m not strong
A real friend would listen

If I tried to speak
A real friend will accept
Whether I am strong or weak
A real friend would care

If I ever fell ill                                   Image                
A real friend will know
How I really feel
A real friend would always be there

If I need them by my side
A real friend will remember me
Long after I have died
A real friend would be forever

If I even moved away
A real friend will never truly leave
In each other’s hearts we shall always stay 

True Friend


by Clara Odelia Ciutara

Friend gives you smile

But true friend gives you happiness
Friend will lie about you

But true friend won’t tell your weakness
Friend knives your back

But true friend will slog your face
Thousands friends come when you’re happy

But only one true friend comes when you cry
Friend comes when he needs you

But true friend comes when you need him
Friend leaves when everybody does

But true friend comes when everybody leaves
Friend comes and leaves

But true friend is yours forever 

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