Learn English with Songs

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In this era, there are many teenagers that interest with west song. Especially when they feel broken heart or “Galau” in Indonesian. 😀 Most of them will listen or sing a song that have same theme with their feelings at the time. For example the song from Adele “Someone Like You”.  Hahh??!! you don’t know with this song???!! I must say Oh My Ghost………!(-_-“)

That song very famous. From my nephew who was three years old until the oldest people was knew with this song. Okay, enough! Lets to the point.

From famous song which of course the lyric is in English, sure that we have feeling to know what the theme of the song. First, we are listen the song and feel that the song is not bad. Second, we have curiosity what is the mean of the lyric. Third, if we had been know what the mean of the lyric, we try to sing that song with cheating the original lyrics. And finally we are succeed singing with good pronunciation and know what the mean of that song. Without realized, we had been learn English from that song. Add our knowledge about vocabulary in English and also the pronunciation.

So, Lets sing a song with me…. 😀


By. Rahayu Utami Ningtyas (10120211/3C)

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