Question Words

DIN015  Question Words are words used to form interrogative sentence. The words include words question is What, Who, Whom, Whose, Which, Why, Where, When, and How.

Pattern of Question Words

QW + Modal + Subject + Verb + Object

What (What / who):

-> Asking nouns (names of people)


– What did she buy?

– What are you looking for?

– What will they build here?

– What is your name?
– What is his name?

-> Asking job or profession


– What is he?

– What does the man do?

– What are you doing?

Who (Who / others)

->Asking Subject name (actor) / person doing


– Who takes my pen?
– Who put this book on the table?

– Who cleaned this room?

->Asking Object (The person who became the object)

(the PRESENT tense)


– Who do you mean?

– Who is the man?

– Who are you talking about?

Whom  (Who / others): Asking Object

(person to object) (its tense than PRESENT)


– Whom will you send the letter to?

– Whom did you talk to?

– Whom have they invited to the party?

– Whom did she go with?

Whose (Owned / had anyone): To ask the owner of an object


– Whose pen is this?

– Whose dictionary can I borrow?

– I found this wallet in my bag. Whose is this?

– Whose brother will take care of the children?

Which (Which): Asking options


– Which pen is yours?

– Which is your bag?

– Which man will you support?

– Which girl sang the song?

Why(why): To ask the cause or reason


– Why do you come late?

– Why does she look so sad?

– Why don’t you join us?
– Why didn’t he repair that chair?

Where (Where): Asking Place


– Where did he go last night?

– Where will they go on this vacation?
– Where shall I put this fan? Where is your mother?

When (When): Asking the time of the activity


– When you were born?

– When did he arrive from Singapore?

– When will they arrive in Japan?
– When did you send the letter to him?


->  Say hello / state (how’s / state …)


– How are you this morning?

– How are your parents?

– How are you doing?
– How do you do?

-> Asking how (how to …)

– How did he play football?

– How does he go to school?
– How did she cut the tree?

-> Asking price / number of objects

what price …: much (uncountable)

how much …: many (countless)

– How much is this book?

– How much coffee do you put in my glass?

– How much do you pay for this pen?
– How many this apples?

-> Asking age (how old …)

– How old are you? How old is your grand mother?
– How old is the building?

-> Asking the nature of objects (how / how / se … [adjective] …)

– How high is the building?

– How deep is the river?

– How tall are you?
– How blue is your uniform?

-> Asking frequency (frequent, rare) (how often / rarely …)

– How often do you go to the library?

– How rare you take a bath?
– How often has your father angry with you?

-> Asking the duration (how long …)

– How long have you been waiting here?

– How long you take a bath?

– How long did he sleep?
– How long mother cook the cake?

That was the explanation of Question Words, I hope this article can be a source of reference for the readers. Thank you for your attention and if there are criticisms and suggestions to the author simply commented on the “comments”


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