5 tips to make blogging easy

From the first day of blogging until now I’ve been hearing that blogging is not easy as it is very competitive and requires a lot of patience.

So, in my post today I am going to tell you how to make blogging easy and make your blog stand out from the crowd so as to remove the false assumption that blogging is not easy.

Let us start:


It is true that to compete with so many passionate bloggers we require a lot of hard work as well as smart work but if you’re serious about blogging do not think about anyone and start competing with yourself. How? I’ll tell you:

  • Set a target of number of page views per month and work hard to achieve it.
  • Try to get as much knowledge of the niche in which you blog.
  • Set a target to get particular number of comments and try to hit the target on time.
  • Set a target to write particular number of quality articles and work hard to achieve that target.
  • Each month increase your blog network and get loyal readers to your blog.

Take ideas from negative feedback

Another pit that bloggers fall into is negative feedback. Every blogger, along with positive feedback also gets negative feedback, so below are some steps you can follow on how you can take post ideas from negative feedback and write your next article:

  • Once you get any negative comment on your blog, save that comment in draft and search for the ways on Internet how to improve it.
  • Do in-depth research and collect at least 10 points
  • Now, write a new post on your blog giving all the 10 points you gathered and also thank the person who gave the negative feedback in your article.
  • The more negative feedback you will get, the more it will help you to make your blog better.

Super way to remain in touch with other bloggers

Most of the bloggers thinks that active participation is blogging community is must to make your blog better, though it is 99% correct but today I am going to give you a simple and very effective way that I use to remain in touch with fellow bloggers:

Note : Please note that this method requires only one time hard work

  • First I created a list of 50 bloggers in my niche
  • I sent an email to all those 50 bloggers asking them that I am starting a series on my blog where I’ll ask opinion on a topic to 50 bloggers and write about all the opinions on my blog each week and want to include you in my list, are you interested?
  • In 1-2 days I built up a list of 50 bloggers and created a list of emails along with their name and blog URL
  • Now, each week I ask them about their opinion on a particular topic and after I get 50 replies, I publish it on my blog
  • I again send an email to all those 50 bloggers giving link about the post, thanking them and also ask them to re-tweet that article and comment on them

In this way, I get huge traffic on that day when I publish this article and it is an easy way to build relationship with other fellow bloggers.

Always think that your blog is successful

To keep the blogging spirit alive, always think that your blog is successful, do no think that successful blogs are those that are making huge money and has high traffic, no! not at all, a successful blog is:

  • Any blog helping people is a successful blog
  • If your ideas stand out from the crowd, your blog is successful
  • If your blog is inspiring other bloggers, your blog is successful

So, from now onwards do not think that blogging is difficult, all the targets are achieved by not hard work but smart work. So, work smart and take your blog to the next level.


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