8 Reasons business blogging is better than facebook

  1. Bussines blogging is better than facebook
  2. Reach multiple audiences
    This includes RSS,email,site visitors,and ALL social netwoks. On Facebooki you can only reach the people that ‘ like ‘ your page…
  3. More Clicking
    A complelling link on your blog will most likely be clicked while a link to your facebook page will most likely be ignored !
  4. Offer more value
    FB fans will only ‘like’ your brand if they think you have something of value to offer.But on your blog you can give them more value via helpful tips,advice,and teching them new thing.
  5. Content HubA blog is the hub of your content and where your thought leadership starts.Facebook only helps you to distribute/promote your content.
  6. News Feed
    Facebook decides who sees your blog ANYONE AND EVERYONE can see your content.
  7. Long shelf life
    Your blog articles have a long shelf life because they will continue to be found in search for months/years.Facebook updates only last a few days at the most.
  8. stability
    no frustrating changes to deal with – facebook changes are fast and furious, and they can drive your nuts ! but your blog is self – hosted,stable,consistent and dependable.

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