The Negative Effects of Daily Blog Posts

  1. Daily posts mean hasty readers. Writing a new article every day can give the impression that you don’t invest much time writing it. Why should others then spend much time reading it?
  2. Daily posts mean low quality. This is a logical result of daily posts. Do you really have something interesting to say everyday? Most bloggers who write daily usually reiterate information and news that are already out there.
  3. Daily posts mean fewer subscribers. Direct result of the above points is that your blog gets less subscribers. People don’t want to have a cluttered mail or RSS readers…especially when posts repeat themselves and don’t have much to say.Although I like Mashable, I unsubscribed from their feed. They post 10+ posts each day and that’s just discouraging for me.
  4. Daily posts mean fewer comments. Let your readers think about what you write. Sending an avalanche of thoughts and information doesn’t give the user time to think things over. Blogging is a communication medium, it’s not an one-way monologue.
  5. Daily posts mean pressure. It is a great time hog to write an article each day – even if it is just a short text. Why do you think most blogs are abandoned after a couple of months?
  6. Daily posts don’t guarantee success. Success comes with quality, interaction and innovation. Say something new once a week and you will build a steady readership in no time.

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