Three Benefits of Blogging for English as a Foreign Language Teachers

Benefit 1: Blogging Attracts Competent, Like-Minded Professionals
Just who are you writing for then? Well you, of course, first and foremost. However, when you write and post passionately on a topic a funny thing usually happens, you’ll soon attract others who share similar outlooks, goals, triumphs, problems, trials and tribulations as you do. They will in turn, share with you on how they cope with similar occurrences on their end, what they think, and what’s worked – or not – for them in their situations. You’ll know, in no uncertain terms, that you’re not alone.

Benefit 2: Blogging is an Excellent Way to Document Your Experiences
Do you now keep a diary, a teaching journal or an ELT scrapbook? How about your EFL learners? If you or they do, or you have thought about doing so, your blog can serve as your own personal space. There you can document “the good, the bad and the ugly” of your English language teaching situation on a daily or weekly basis. It can serve as an indicator of your growth as an ELT professional and a private person as well. It will document your changing thoughts, opinions and ideas for growing and improving in your profession, as well as your life.

Benefit 3: Blogging Forces You to Grow
Wherever you are now, whatever it is that you do, blogging will be a constant aid in your personal and professional development. You’ll need to learn new skills, update others and eliminate outdated thinking and practices. You’ll read more, research more and write more. You’ll also laugh more, learn more and hopefully, cry less due to having an outlet to share when you need it. Are you now living in a new, different or foreign country? Great! Then blog it. Remember, you can also add digital photographs, digital sound clips and even videos to your blog. Blogs are not just for writing in any more.


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