love is not sanctioned.
reckless and do not give a damn.
forgetting everything for the sake of love and devotion.
ends with sorrow and ended with a heartbreaking loss.
beauty are entwined together beautifully, has been engraved on the heart.


dancing happily.
screaming to the world in the midst of a very wide ocean.
as well to cool the smile fissure eye of the beholder.

painting of filled with appreciation of a man, the women were very charming.
with touches romance, which are so touched this heart.

their love who enshrined passing tale;
jokes, crying, jealous, emotional, and crying,
which leading to real immortality.


in the end of the story who very touching.
has be memory chip who has been a dark period of history.
with the death of the idol of the heart who has left wonderful memories.
graceful female figure, and survive, resist his inner torments.
and the history of the great ship Titanic who so bear witness.


By: Sulis s_Tyani (sulisstyaa@yahoo.co.id)


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