UEC Held Speech Contest High School Level

image_20_uec  United English College (UEC) IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro English speech contest held (Speech Contest) High School Level as Karisidenan Bojonegoro, which includes Bojonegoro, Tuban, Lamongan and Blora, Sunday (05/05/2013).

The event was themed “New Spirit New Innovation” is divided into three stages, namely the registration and selection, Speech Contes top 15 finalists and Finals.

“So Thursday May 2nd, we do the selection of the 79 participants to 15, then Sunday, May 5th Speech Contest finalists and selected 15 of the 5, and the final day,” said one of the organizers committee, M. Rosyid Ridho.

According to him, this event was the first time for students, and is intended as a vehicle to develop students ‘English language abilities and also promotion IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro campus. Theme “New Spirit New Innovation” own chosen because the students after the National Examination has feeling fresh and full of new vigor.
Winners drawn five champions champions won by Arjuna Krishna 1 of SMAN 2 Bojonegoro, Champion 2 achieved Sofhia Tri M of SMAN 2 Tuban, won 3rd Place Siti Aisyah Rohmatin of SMAN 1 Sumberrejo, 1 Runner up won Sri Kinesti Lintang of SMAN MT Bojonegoro 2 runner up achieved Janeke Waromi of SMK Migas Cepu.

The first prize winner gets money coaching Rp.1 million, champion 2 Rp.750.000, Champion 3 Rp.500.000, first runner up 200.000 , and second runner up 150.000 and also received a trophy plus charter for each champion. Speech Contest was also enlivened by the music scene and bands from SMEs (UKM) music IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro.

Source : http://www.blokbojonegoro.com


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