Making of the bricks in Bojonegoro

batu bataon friday we have gone at company at Bojonegoro. that activities is a task from our lecturer. the task was post the industri or company at bojonegoro with group and my group was eko setiawan, Heri Kurniawan, and Me (Imam Muslih). in there we have interview with the owner of the company, his name was Mr. Totok, he was a human of  bojonogoro, who built the company of the brick since 1999 into this time.and this was our interview with him:

our group :” excuse us, we are student from IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro, we go in this company we want to do our task. that is interview with a the owner of industri in bojonegoro, can you help us to give information for us/”.

Mr.Totok :”emh… yes insyaallah, Iwill answer your quetions”.

our group: ” can you explanation step for making the bricks”.

Mr.Totok :” yes, i give you information about it,

1. Preparation Facility and Equipment.
a. Land elections.
Look for the red land shaped hills / a hill, and very red clay soil texture, which do not contain too much sand, soil texture will reduce the strength of the brick. Also close to the water source, as a mixture of red soil.

image for Land and Raw Materials Red Bricks

lahan dan bahan baku batu bata

b. Making buildings / factory.
Square footage of buildings ± 30m2.
The factory consists of 4 parts, namely:
1. Stirring place and Printing.
2. Drying place.
3. Combustion place.
4. Bricks gathering place ready for the market.

c. Equipment.
1. Printer machine Brick red soil serves as a stirrer in order to see through brick

Images for Machine Printer Bricks

mesin pencetak batubata

2. Domping machine, machine Domping served as a driver of brick making machines

Engineering drawings for Domping

3. Wooden carts.
4. Arco cart.
5. Hoe.
6. Shovel.

d. Fuel.
1. Solar.
2. Ulin wood.

e. Mixed materials.
1. Water.
2. Palm Oil.

2. Printing process.
Stages of Printing:

Red soil that had accumulated in flush with water.

Put the red soil using a shovel into the brick-making machines.

Process images for printing

Give palm oil in the discharge of brick mold on the machine, so the brick can be printed neatly, what if the mold bricks out of the printing press yet solid or broken, the work can be repeated, by entering the back ground red (brick) into the molding machine to mold bricks that came out really dense and neat.
Cut lengthwise brick mold with cutting tools that have been available. In a single brick cutting produces 3 seed.

image for Cutting Process

proses pemotongan

Lift and place or stacking prints have been cut neatly into tempatnya.Dengan brick making machines and 3 people in 1 day employees can print 5000 brick seed. Fuel used is diesel. Solar necessary in every brick of 1,000 seeds 1 liter.

The process of collecting images for print

proses pencetakan

3. Drying process.
Drying is carried up bricks to dry. This drying takes 5 days non-stop, with sunny weather records.

image for Drying Process

proses pembakaran

4. Combustion process.

The combustion process is done for 48 hours (2 days) non-stop. Any one time there are 70,000 seeds burning brick. Fuel used is a piece of ironwood, so that long-lasting fuel. Ironwood pieces are used as much as 2.5 ret dump tracks.
If the weather conditions (dry season), the combustion can be done every 20 days. If the weather conditions are rainy season, then burning can only be done 1 time in 1 month.

image for Combustion Process

proses penjemuran

5. Red Bricks ready to Marketed.
Results 1 time in combustion or 70,000 seeds usually purchased by 2 customers (2 houses).

our group:” thanks for your information, may be this information have enough, so we excuse, when we have time to stop in this place we will stop.


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