Make “TAHU” by Mr Sukamto


in the Bojonegoro city any some home industri, the nearest to may home is Tahu Company. His employer from jombang. He started Work is developer, and then after the long time in the job he became experienced to production that tahu by hand his self.

in year 1979  he successed in the job, he have 3 tahu factory. But now he moved to bojonegoro city, and  the three factory his given to children.

Now he lived in Bojonegoro, Balen, jati cilik. His started make of tahu production.

One tahu his sold Rp 800,00. But if any someone buy three tahu his given Rp 2.000,00 cost.


Mr Sukamto income a approximately of 100.000,00 /day cost.

How to Make  Tahu

You will need :

  1. Soybean
  2. Water
  3. Vinegar (Cuka)

The steps to make  tahu :

  1. Soak Soybean
  2. Cleaned by wather
  3. Mixture
  4. Boiled
  5. Filtered
  6. A give vinegar
  7. Formatting size (Blocking)



Group :

AMIN ROMLI (10120161)





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  1. good good
    and for my best friend i just can say to you
    i am sory becuse i dont send one of our home work but i pormise i will do it

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