Do You Know Guys…Why spoken English is difficult to understand??

A lot of you first learned English in a classroom, from a textbook, or maybe from a CD series. If that’s how you learned, then you’re going to have trouble with spoken English because they’re not the same thing! Here’s what’s different:

  • People use different words and phrases in spoken English than they do in writing. They use slang. They say “um”, “hmm”, “ah”, “uh”, etc. They skip the word “that” when using relative clauses. Most classes and books teach “proper” English, which is used in writing and in formal speech. Here at PhraseMix, I try to teach  casual English as well.
  • Words are pronounced differently when you say them individually than when you say them together. This is called “connected speech”. If you only learn English in a classroom, you probably only hear very careful pronunciation. You won’t be prepared when someone asks you:

W’joominehand’nmethabagovethare? (“Would you mind handing me that bag over there?”)

  • People talk about a lot of different topics. Some topics are very specialized and uncommon. Sometimes they talk about people you don’t know, or make a joke about a movie that you haven’t seen. An English class, textbook, or even a website like PhraseMix can’t prepare you for all of the possible topics in this world. So it’s important to realize that you don’t have to understand everything.

If we want to know or understand about spoken English, you have to improve your listening skill. So here’s my list of the 10 best ways to improve your English listening skill. These are listed in order.

  1. Live and work in a completely English-speaking environment.
  2. Do some kind of sports, hobbies, or other activities with a group of English speakers.
  3. Talk one-on-one with an English-speaking tutor a few times a week.
  4. Do a language exchange with an English speaker, in person or over Skype.
  5. Watch lots of hours of movies, TV shows, and videos in English, with English captions.
  6. Watch movies, TV, and videos with no subtitles.
  7. Watch movies, TV, and videos with subtitles in your own language.
  8. Listen to English podcasts on a topic that’s interesting to you (but not on the topic of learning English).
  9. Listen to English radio shows.
  10. Listen to audio English lessons.

Ledre Bojonegoro


Who does not know Ledre. Bojonegoro Ledre is typical food made from plantains. The shape pinchers / rolls with sweet plantain aroma. In some places, this cake is often called Semprong cake. This designation is given, because its shape is similar to glass tubes contained in the kerosene lamp. Padangan districts ledre largest producer Bojonegoro, located 25 kilometers west ± Bojonegoro City. There are 110 business units which are mostly domestic industry. Until now the labor involved to reach a production capacity of 220 people with ledre 9.900.000 pieces per year.

One such of entrepreneur is  Maulida, 31-year-old woman. Her ledre production center located in the village of Kuniran, district. Padangan. Although still level home industry, but marketing ledre been capable of reaching major cities, such as Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, even up to the outside Java. Her ledre packaging has also been made hygienic. Besides production ledre been registered to the Department of Health. He claimed produsi ledre will increase current and ahead of the Eid holiday. Conversely when the growing season, ledre production usually decreases because most people prioritize work their fields.

Each pack ledre owned Maulida priced at between Rp 10,000 to Rp 50,000. A small cardboard box containing 2 packs, while the big boxes containing 4 packs. Ledre usually entrusted to the stalls along the road to get to Padangan Bojonegoro. So easy to carry and safe, ledre packed with cardboard. But now he must be smart set. He started making ledre with various flavors to sell ledre affordable mini order and build a system to agents.

In addition to telling about his business, Maulida also explains how to create ledre. It is very easy to make us quite prepared materials:

250 grams of glutinous rice flour

1 coconut rather young, coarsely grated

5 pieces of plantain, creamed rough

250 ml of water

1 tsp salt

100 gr of sugar

½ tsp vanilla

Sugar as a topping.

As for how to cook it is to boil the sugar, salt, and vanilla with 250 ml of water until larut. Enter grated coconut, stir. Turn off the heat. While still hot, add the glutinous rice flour to form a thick batter. Prepare a non-stick pan, spread with a thin layer of butter. Give 2 tablespoons of dough, tap-tap with the back of a spoon until thin (thickness of 1/2 cm). Give 1-2 tablespoons banana that had been crushed. Roll out, sprinkle with granulated sugar. Cover the pan so that the bottom of the banana cooked. If  already crusty little burnt, folding ledre.

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