I just thought that…

Every morning, we have a good individual tradition to start the day. Having a cup of coffee is the most popular activity for many people. Here is what I want to say about this simple posting “down under”. Coffee, by imagining only, will be able to inspire something that is terrific. It calms down own mind at one side. But at the other side, it is of course a good start to develop good thoughts. I remember a song by now, “Please release me let me go!” What a day, man.

Agnes, a frequent photo challenge participant at The Daily Post, shares her take on the theme of “Satisfaction”: a brightly colored mug full of hot, foamy, energizing coffee.

via Satisfaction (Is a Cup of Coffee) — Discover

I know the posting is just too simple. It is. I am rather “disappointed” when I went to the passage. It is just a simple saying that I already know. You do, as well. “I thought…” I am mistaken. It is okay, though.

I am searching for a real satisfaction by now and then. Day by day, even more than a year, I was in trouble having satisfaction in all my life. This simple “Satisfaction” is a medicine. The best I know so far. I have to be grateful to be back to my simple life. I will go on in living by simple saying.

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