The Dangerous of Cell Phone


The cell phone is very important for many people in the world right now. Because the cell phone can make the far of people become near while they are communicating. In the far distance the people can see if their cell phone has 3G.

The size of the cell phones is very simple so it can bring everywhere and the shape of it is variety too. Moreover the cell phone so long so sophisticated because not only used to call the far people but also can be made watching television or video, listening songs, listening radio, accessing internet etc.

          But most of people unknown that radiation of cell phones is very dangerous, it cause brain tumors or other cancers. They are using the cell phone without thinking the effect of it to their health. Cell phones are convenient and frequently invaluable, yet exposure to their electromagnetic radiation is invisible.

          Therefore to prevent the doctors gives the recommendations for limiting your exposure to cell phone radiation, they are: Using a headset, using the speakerphone, getting a different phone, and so on. The governments and the industry of cell phone must take ‘immediate steps’ to reduce exposure to its radiation.


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The Description of the Interior of Ka’bah


The characteristics of Ka’bah from within are as follows:

At the Shami Corner, on the right side of Ka’bah, there is the staircase leading to the roof. It is a rectangular, closed, and windowless room. Its northern and eastern sides are part of the original wall of Ka’bah, and the stairs are concealed inside the room. It has a door with a special lock and is covered with a beautiful silk curtain inscribed and decorated with gold and silver.

The thickness of the southern wall of the stairs, which includes the door, is 225 centimeters, and the thickness of the western wall is 150 centimeters. If a person ascends the staircase to the roof to the height of two meters, he will find a small door before him and another one to the left. Both of them reach the two ceilings of Ka’bah. The space between the two ceilings is 120 centimeters. The stairs end at the roof with a skylight where a tight cover is fixed to prevent rain seeping in. This cover is opened when ascending to the roof.

Inside  Ka’bah there are three pillars that support the ceiling. They are made of the finest wood ever known. They were erected by Abdullah Ibn AlZubair (may Allah be pleased with them) more than 1350 years ago. They are brownish-black and the circumference of each pillar is approximately 150 centimeters with a diameter of 44 centimeters. Each one has a square, inscribed wooden base. Between the three pillars there is a hanger holding donations to Ka’bah.

There is a support beam that extends over the three pillars with both its ends extending to the northern and southern walls. The three pillars are as high as the first ceiling adjacent to the interior of Ka’bah. They do not extend to the upper ceiling but several beams of wood, one over the other, were put on the top of the three pillars inside the ceilings until they reached the upper ceiling. The pillars support the two ceilings and every pillar has three bands to strengthen it.

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The Importance of Speaking English



English nowadays has an important role in our daily life. It is the massive means of communication. Is there a strong argument which says that English will not give any benefit? 


Learning to speak English well may be the best way to improve our life. It seems all the people in the world have agreed to use English to talk to each other. About 1,500,000,000 people in the world speak English. While another 1,000,000,000 are still learning English.


If we can communicate in English, we can contact people from all over the world. We can talk about our ideas and opinions on Internet discussion groups. We can chat with other interesting people to learn about their life and culture.


If we can communicate in English, we can travel more easily. English is spoken in more than 100 countries. If we lost, we can ask directions or ask for help. Who knows, English will save our life somewhere someday.


That is why we should make every effort possible to find somebody to speak with. Where can we find people who can speak English with us? We can find them at school, shopping mall, tourist destination, etc


Above all, don’t be afraid to speak English. We must try to speak, even if we make mistakes. We cannot learn without mistakes. So, speak English as much as possible! 


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Learning English through Music and Songs is Fun


Learning English through music and songs can be very enjoyable. You can mix pleasure with learning when you listen to a song and exploit the song as a means to your English progress. Some underlying reason can be drawn to support the idea why we use songs in language learning. 

Firstly, “the song stuck in my head” Phenomenon (the echoing in our minds of the last song we heard after leaving a restaurant, shopping malls, etc) can be both enjoyable and sometimes unnerving. This phenomenon also seems to reinforce the idea that songs work on our short-and-long term memory. 

Secondly, songs in general also use simple conversational language, with a lot of repetition, which is just what many learners look for sample text. The fact that they are effective makes them many times more motivating than other text. Although usually simple, some songs can be quite complex syntactically, lexically and poetically, and can be analyzed in the same way as any other literary sample. 

Furthermore, song can be appropriated by listener for their own purpose. Most pop songs and probably many other types don’t have precise people, place or time reference. 

In addition, songs are relaxing. They provide variety and fun, and encourage harmony within oneself and within one group. Little wonder they are important tools in sustaining culture, religion, patriotism and yeas, even revolution. 

Last but not least, there are many learning activities we can do with songs such as studying grammar, practicing selective listening comprehension, translating songs, learning vocabulary, spelling and culture. 

From the elaboration above, it can be concluded that learning through music and songs, learning English can be enjoyable and fun. 

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The Importance of The English Language



I personally think that English is the world’s most important language. Why do I say that?

Firstly, English is an international language. It is spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first or second language.

Secondly, English is also the key which open doors to scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed for the economic and political development of many countries in the world.

Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs. Applicants who master either active or passive  English are more favorable than those who do not.

From the facts above, it is obvious that everybody needs to learn English to great the global area.


Learn to Translate


I wanna try to translate an Indonesian to be an English, this is Classroom Action Research subject, that was made quiz yesterday. Do you remember it? I hope all of you still remember it… OK, this is results of my translation…

Kinds of Research

Ø         Historical Research is research that aims to make a reconstruction of the past systematically and objectively by collecting, evaluating, and synthesizing the evidence to establish facts and to get a strong conclusion.

Ø        Descriptive Research is research that aims to make description systematically, factually and accurately about the facts and the characters of a particular population or region.

Ø     Development Research is research that aims to investigate the patterns and growth and changes as a function of time.

Ø   Case and Field Research (q study) is research that aims to study the background and condition, including the interaction on a social unit intensively.

Ø         Correlational Research is research that aims to detect is how far the variations in the factor that is connected by the variations in one or more other factors based on the coefficient of correlation.

Ø       Causal Comparative Research is research that aims to investigate the possibility of a causality based on the observation of the effect, looking back the causal factors of certain data.

Ø          Real Experimental Research is research that investigates the possibility of mutual causality by imposing one or more conditions of the treatment to one or more experimental and to compare its results with one or more control groups that are not imposed by conditions of that treatment.

Ø        Quasi-experimental Research is research that aims to get information which is an estimate for information that is gotten by actual experiment in a state that does not enable to control or manipulate the relevant variables.

Ø     Action research is research that aims to develop new skills or new approaches and to solve problems with direct application in the workplace or the other real world.


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Comparing and Contrasting between “ Present Progressive Tense and Past Progressive Tense”

Tense is forms of the verb changes that shows the time of the action or state in grammar. They are 16 tenses in the English. But, for now I want to explain about “Present progressive Tense and Past Progressive tense”.

Present progressive tense can be also called Present Continuous Tense is form of time that use to explain an action, condition, or event that is in progress at the moment of speaking. It has the pattern “S+to be (is, am, are)+verb –ing” and also it has some “time signals” such as; now, at present, right now, at this moment, this morning, this afternoon, this evening, nowdays, today, tonight, soon, etc. For example : I am writing a text right now. Moreover, if we use “to be” we must look the subject, if the subject “I” we must use to be “am”, if the subject “They” we must use to be “are” and if the subject “He, she, it” we must use to be “is”.

Past Progressive Tense can also called Past Continuous Tense is form of time that use to explain an action, condition, or event that is in progress in the past time when the other action occurred. It has the pattern “S+to be(was/were) +verb –ing” and also it has some “time signal” such as: When, while, as, all day yesterday, yesterday, last afternoon, at that time, at this time yesterday, at nine o’clock last night, etc. for example: I was writing a text when my mother called me. Moreover, if we use “to be” we must look to the subject, if the subject “I, he, she, it” we must use to be “was” and if the subject “you, we, they” we must use to be “were”.

The are similarities and differences on both Present Progressive Tense and Past Progressive Tense. Their similarities are Present Progressive Tense use verb –ing as do Past Progressive  Tense and they also use to be.

And their differences are located in to be and time signal. Present Progressive’s to be are: “is, am, are” whereas Past Progressive’s to be are “was and were”. Moreover their time signals are very different, as we know it is caused by time while we are speaking and the action that happened.

From the explanation above, I personally believe that we all can study it easily because we have already known the similarities and differences about it. And also we can use the tenses above in our activity everyday.

Cigarette Advertising Should Be Banned

Cigarette advertising should be banned. As we all know if cigarette is very dangerous for our healthy, but a lot of people especially teen-agers, who doesn’t smoke always want to try if they are looking cigarette advertising in the TV, all along the road or far and wide they will find it.

Firstly, cigarette, as we all know if it is bad for us. Nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by cigarette, such as cigarette can make lung cancer, cough, asthma etc. but many people still smoke everytime. They don’t care about all of it. The main thing is that they can be smoking.

Secondly, the smokers who stop smoking want to try again if they are looking at cigarette advertising, moreover if there is new brand of cigarette which is advertised. Absolutely, they will become chain smokers again. They said if they have not feel relief, if they haven’t to try smoking yet.

Thirdly, many women hate cigarette, especially if their husband is chain smoker, they feel cigarette is either of wasting in the household. Moreover, many women allergic smoke, such as there is a man who is smoking near of a woman, so the woman will avoid him soon.

Finally, the smokers can not stop smoking although they do therapy if still many cigarettes advertising anywhere.

In conclusion, cigarette advertising should be banned, in order that all of people, especially teen-agers and chain smokers can stop smoking.

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