With love to you… wherever you are.
My heart doth send to thee.
Rivers wide and mountains tall
Separate you from me.

Looking at pictures of you and I
Seems to bring you close.
But hearing our song being played
Brings you near the most.

I remember us dancing to that tune,
Under the shade of a tree.
That day in the park together,
Our spirits running wild and free.

Whenever I feel gloomy,
I think of you and can’t help but smile.
Though it doesn’t last forever,
At least it lasts for a while.



pretty sure all of the people assume it’s all wrong looks pretty physic.but derived from the physical heart is also not necessarily true beauty.innerbeauty is gorgeous beauty that radiates from her heart, although one’s own shortcomings in the physical.ImageI was inspired by this figure, it is women who are very outer beauty biasa.ini one example of which is owned by a woman


inspirasi can come from anyone! Not only from well-known figures. The story of ordinary people with extraordinary measures can also be inspiring us. Priscilla Smith story Jully example. In the midst of limited vision, Priska founded The School of Life (TSOL), “home” for people with disabilities, displaced people and people with mental disorders.

Who likes to see a rainbow? Enjoying views of the mountains? Or watch the ocean waves? Kak beautiful right? But not everyone is as fortunate as we are able to witness the beauty of nature. Their limited vision, wherever stare, just look dark. Kak imagined it? Try closing your eyes and step, 10 steps.

But in the middle of limitations, some of them acting unusually, more remarkable than we were sighted.

“I looked at the dark. But I believe colored my world. My goal is simple, to bring the world the same to those who never left. And so I’m happy “(Priscilla Smith Jully).

That’s the words of Sister Prisca, a 34-year-old woman, who during his life can not enjoy the colorful world. Limited vision does not limit the actions or make up. Instead, he tried hard to make people with the same boat, obtain happiness.

Yummy and Healthy For Your Body :)

1.What vegetables did not have the fat content?? The answer is         carrot,because rabit’s favorite vegetable content 0% fat was very good your diet

wortel - Carrot

2.Do you know, if the fungus has a lot of vitamin B2,It’s good your enegy

jamur shitake

3. Onions can be anti-infective drugs or burns

4. chicken soup mixed vegetables can reduce fever

5.cereal from material oat but can reduce the risk of heart can also reduce cholesterol in the blood

6. juice from fresh fruit it can help strengthen bones


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