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Bojonegoro, Juni 19, 2013
Attention To :
Mr. Santoso
Human Resources Departement
PT. Prana Sejahtera
Jl. Indramayu No. 11

Dear Sir,
On this good opportunity, I would like to apply as a Instrumentation and Control System Engineer in your company, My name is ENDANG SULISTIANI, 24 Years old, female, single, energetic and healthy, I am a Control System Engineer and graduated from IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro University on Nopember 2012 with GPA 3.78. I would like to have career to expand my experience.
My personalty as a hard worker and fast leaner type of person would bring benefit to your company. I will be very appreciated if you could give in opportunity to work in your company.
Here with I enclose my curriculum vitae, which will give details of my qualification.
I hope my qualifications and experience merit your consideration and look forward to your reply.
Sincerely yours,

Phone : 0353 886339
Jl. Lisman No. 41
Bojonegoro 62119


Group : 1. Endang Sulistiani

2. Siti Tasriatun

3. Susi Candra

4. Ika Siti Nurkana






The Room Art mission statement is to create affordable interesting art whilst minimising the environmental

At room twist,we aim to provide stunning products which combine contemporary design whit quality materials whilst delivering great value to the customer. All of our products are designed by us



Account:BCA cab cepu : 0540140790

BRI cab cepu : 0215-01-012091-50.5


Water Cask on A Branch Wooden Room  Art Shape


Decorate your rooms with these popular wooden room art water cast on a branch, available in various shapes . Available in a selection of shapes.Make a statement on your rooms with this stylish wooden

–       Rp. 80.000,-

–       Estimated delivery : 2 – 5 days

Chairs Wooden Room Art Shape


Decorate your rooms with these popular wooden room art shape, available in various shapes. Available in a variety of shapes. Make a statement on your rooms with this stylish wooden room art.

–       Rp.400.000,-

–       Estimated delivery :2 – 5 days

Making process:
Material: teak wood
chisel tool
polish materials
Alt spray
Wood way in carving shaped as desired, after so in varnish and lacquer and dried

why teens abusing drugs easier?


why teensabusing drugseasier?




Easily Influenced Friend
  Teens still has a soul which unstable and are still looking for identity. So easily                            influenced and participated – along with friends
• Curiosity is high
Teens like to try it – new things, including that can harm him.
• Solidarity Group
Strong sense of solidarity with friends cause it hard to resist the pressure of the group members including drug bid
• Want to Perform Stand
Teens often seek care in the hope looks bold, confident and look different
• Eliminate Tired and stress Sense
Teens often think of drugs can solve the problems faced by





why teensabusing drugseasier?
• Easily Influenced Friend
Teens still has a soul which unstable and are still looking for identity. So easily influenced and participated – along with friends
• Curiosity is high
Teens like to try it – new things, including that can harm him.
• Solidarity Group
Strong sense of solidarity with friends cause it hard to resist the pressure of the group members including drug bid
• Want to Perform Stand
Teens often seek care in the hope looks bold, confident and look different
• Eliminate Tired and stress Sense
Teens often think of drugs can solve the problems faced by
• Desire Revolting
Most teens use drugs as a reaction to the uprising against parental authority




Teens Who are:
• Unable to communicate with parents
• Not be under the supervision of a parent
• low self-control
• Self-confidence and low self-esteem
• Do not want to follow the rules / norms / rules
• Like capturing the thrill
• Associating / live in the neighborhood drug abuse
• Isolated or difficult to adjust to the environment.
• Have a family member of drug abuse
• Low appreciation of spiritual







1 VISUAL MEDIA        
  A. PRINTED MEDIA        
    – Book Easy to get it Can not show an animation,
      Can use to write   sounds, or another effects, so
            make a bored feeling to user.
          Need many book in each study.
    – Newspaper Get up to date an  Too weight to bring everywhere.
        information about News,  Can not shoe sounds, and another
        someone’s profile,etc   effects.
      Easy to get it    
    – Magazine The magazine’s paper have  An Information in magazine not like 
        better qualities than newsaper.   a newspaper. ( just like opinion ).
      Easy to get it Can not show sound and another 
    – Brochure Easy to bring it Just a give a thing information, 
      Just a piece of paper, so did not   not news.
        need money to make it Make room or environment dirty.
    – Leaflet Easy to bring it    
      Easy to make it Can not show an effects make wall
    – Flash Card Can show a picture Can not show an effects 
      Easy to bring it Students who have low mind will be
    – Sentence Strip Need a little time to make it. Can not give time to students to 
      Cheap   think.
    – Wallcart Can help the student to  Make wall be dirty.
        remember about something Can not use in out door.
        because see it everyday.    
      Can be propeties in the room.    
    – Single Picture Can help the imagination to Make bored feeling bacause just see
        grow up.   one pictures.
      The Student more understand Students must make another 
        than see flashcard   sentences if their friend use the 
    – Picture Series Students more internet than just Need many pictures, it means that 
        single picture.   many material to make it.
      Students have many imagibation The classroom my be will noise when 
        to make understanding the   the Students discuss about the
        picture.   pictures.
  C REALIA        
    – Calendar To know date, month in today, Need place to put it.
        tomorrow or past. Will be dirty if the calender use spike
      To remain the homework or     
    – Map / Globe To intriduce the Students the Make noise the classroom when 
        shape of earth.   Students want to see.
      To help the learning which learn  
        about countrys.    
    – Puzzle / Game More interest the student to Make noise classroom
        love the study Need many to do it.
      To entertaint of learning.    
    – Menu To organized the schedule. Need many time to make it.
      To know how many material Must can arrange the schedule.
        which be learn.    
    – Hand Puppet Give a skill to Students to play Need many material to make Puppet
        Puppet. Need special skill.
      To try right and left brain    
    – Overhead Transparancy Essay to operate Not practical, necessary energy 
      Can control students   to write
      No need to change the light It takes good writing is easy to read.
      Easily stored archives Requires some special stationery
2. AUDIO MEDIA        
    – Radio Can hear the sounds Need many tools to make it.
      Give an entertainment. Can not in out door.
    – Tape recorder To meke archieve by sounds. Need many blank cassetes to record.
      To save voice Many cassettes will be difficult to
            keep it.
    – Cassette Player To play something by cassette. Can not use it out door.
      To hear sounds Need many place to save it.
    – CD Player To play cassette Many tools to make it work.
      To hear sounds. Need place to put it.
    – VCD To play compact disk. Need many compact disk
      To see sound, picture and 3D Many tools to make the VCD work.
        pictures from compact disk.    
    – Television Not only sound, but also 3D Can not bring everywhere
        pictures too can we see. Many tools to make it work.
      To hear and see news.    
4. MULTI MEDIA        
    – Computer Assisted Can make many 3D picture with Need many place to put it.
    – Language Learning (call)   more effects can we do.   Need many time to operate it to work.
      To give skills to students to    
        operate it.    

Good blog posts speak to a target audience.

Good blog posts speak to a target audience.

1.Figure out who is buying what you’re selling and write for them. If your company specializes in building mobile applications, you’re likely selling to executives and marketing departments, not mobile app developers. Your own developers can still write content for your blog, but they should keep content way less technical than it would be if they were writing to their peers.

2. Good blog posts speak to the same audience the whole time.

It would be nice for marketers if every business had just one audience to reach, but that’s not realistic. Take the mobile app company again. Sometimes they sell to marketing, sometimes they sell to IT. They also use content as a recruiting tool, so sometimes their developers really are writing to their peers.

Addressing all of these audiences doesn’t make for the most consistent blog as a whole, but as long as you keep each post consistent from start to stop, you’re ok. For example, it’s not a good idea to start a post with a novice question and then give a very technical answer. Let your readers know what they’re getting into.

3. Good blog posts are about 400-1,000 words.

Blog posts should be easily digestible during a coffee break.  Readers will give up if they need to scroll down endlessly.  If you’re getting upwards of 1,000 words, consider breaking your post into two parts, or tightening up your ideas and language.  I chopped off about 400 words to make the final version of this post and it’s better for it.

4. Good blog posts are quick and easy to read.

Just because something is short doesn’t mean it’s easy to read. Make posts easy to skim by cutting content up into sections and lists. In fact, I’ll bet most people reading this post will simply skim the bolded description for each point, and read the explanations for the points they don’t understand. If I’m wrong and you’re reading every point word for word, prove it with a comment.

5. Good blog posts say something interesting and useful.

It’s OK to write a blog post about a quick thought, but make sure it’s a whole thought, not half of one and half of another. Would what you’re writing change the way your reader thinks about an issue? Spur an idea? Be worth emailing to a coworker? If not, you’ve got work to do.

Note: Old news to you might be useful to your readers. Last year, I wrote a post on How to Use Twitter for Beginners. Simple, but readers liked it (as shown by the comments), and we often send it to prospective clients who are Twitter newbies.

6. Good blog posts don’t have to be works of art.

You probably won’t win a Pulitzer Prize and that’s ok.  As long as your posts are useful, readers will come back for more.

7. Good blog posts show, not tell.

Don’t tell readers your company is awesome; write great content so readers are the ones who say your company is awesome. Use concrete, specific language and examples to build trust with your readers.

8. Good blog posts have a compelling title and lead paragraph.

Make your readers want to read your post right away.  But don’t promise something with your title and intro that you don’t deliver.  Here are 5 tips to improve your headline click-through rate.

9. Good blog posts are SEO optimized.

OK, I just told you to have a compelling title, but especially with titles, you need to strike a balance between catchiness and SEO. Scott Paley explains this with a story over at Abstract Edge. Don’t flood readers with keywords, but do pay attention to the basics such as pretty URLS (#2 here) and meta descriptions.

10. Good blog posts include a call to action.

Even if it’s just a call to comment or connect on Twitter, blog posts should end with something that moves readers to a next step. Do not, however, ask people to buy something at the end of a post. Hard sells in blog posts will lose your readers’ trust.

Well, there are my top 10 qualifiers for a good blog post. Please feel free to add your own tips and questions in the comments. And then get blogging!

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