Sinta : Where did you… last sunday morning?
Dina : I …. go anywhere. I stayed at home.
Sinta : What … you do then?
Dina : I …. newspapers.
Sinta : What did you …. in the afternoon.
Dina : I …. to the bakery.
Sinta : What did you ….?
Dina : I …. some cakes.
Sinta : Did you … many people there?
Dina : Yes, I did, I … a lot of people


1. My father….. (Open) the door just now.

2. My mother…. (dust) the furniture.

3. The baby….(cry) last night.

4. She….(pick) some flowers

5. I….(lock) the door this morning.

Went to Bojonegoro Market

My Mother and I went shopping to Bojonegoro market last sunday. We took a bus got there at 9 in the morning. It was very crowded at the time. there were alot of people shopping.

We went to fruit section, first. We bought two kilograms of guava and three papayas. After that we went to the fish section to buy two kilograms to fresh fish. Then, we went to a fashion shop to buy a new shirt for my brother. He is going to celebrate his birthday next week. We went home at 12 a.m. and we had alot of things to bring

Have you ever visited Singapore? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you about Singapore. Singapore is an island city. Most singaporeans live in high – rise apartments. When I was there, I live at Haigh Court Condominium, Haigh Road – Tanjong Katong. I was there to work for 2 years in year 2006 – 2008 be a house maid. It was my experience that ever I have.

Singapore is a beautiful city with lots of parks and open spaces. It is also a very clean city. It is not like here so many rubbish every where. The business district is very modern, with lots of high and new building.

What about food? Uhm… Yummy… Yummy. It’s delicious. Singapore’s restaurants provide chinesse, indian, malay, and western food and the prices are quite reasonable. I believe you’ll like it. When I visited katong shopping centre. I liked to buy a bowl of laksa. Oh… I missed this time so much.

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