The Dangerous of Cell Phone


The cell phone is very important for many people in the world right now. Because the cell phone can make the far of people become near while they are communicating. In the far distance the people can see if their cell phone has 3G.

The size of the cell phones is very simple so it can bring everywhere and the shape of it is variety too. Moreover the cell phone so long so sophisticated because not only used to call the far people but also can be made watching television or video, listening songs, listening radio, accessing internet etc.

          But most of people unknown that radiation of cell phones is very dangerous, it cause brain tumors or other cancers. They are using the cell phone without thinking the effect of it to their health. Cell phones are convenient and frequently invaluable, yet exposure to their electromagnetic radiation is invisible.

          Therefore to prevent the doctors gives the recommendations for limiting your exposure to cell phone radiation, they are: Using a headset, using the speakerphone, getting a different phone, and so on. The governments and the industry of cell phone must take ‘immediate steps’ to reduce exposure to its radiation.


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