Ways to overcome belly fat

belly-fat-768-jpg_234029  By Lauren Tumas Shumacher

Time to say goodbye to belly fat! Distended abdomen (caused by fluid trapped between the cells of your body) can arise due to poor digestion, too much sodium, too menstruation. But still, the experts say, as long as you keep eating, belly fat can then be avoided. Good news, is not it?

Water with lemon juice
When distended, many people are drinking less, but that they should be doing just the opposite. David Grotto, author of health, said that hold water is the way our body avoid dehydration. If you have belly fat, it’s time to squeeze the water out. Drinking water with lemon juice will help reduce the amount of salt retained in the body. Make sure to drink straight from the glass, with a straw so you do not put extra air.

Over the years, celery has been used to treat digestive and intestinal gas control as well known to reduce the levels of the chemical trapping of liquid. “Celery has water content and detoxification systems, which can help remove toxins in the body,” says Grotto. In addition to celery, other vegetables are also beneficial is cucumber, parsley, and other green leafy plants. Remember, cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw.

All types of melons are actually beneficial for the body, but watermelon contains 92 percent water. According to Grotto, watermelon also has diuretic properties (makes to pee) and a source of potassium. “The balance of sodium and potassium are important in controlling belly fat,” he said. Try mixing lemon, cucumber, watermelon, and rosemary to create a flat stomach. (But do not be surprised if only so often you visit the toilet after drinking the mixture.)

Rosemary and turmeric
Rosemary has long been used as a medicine ranging from headache, toothache, to high blood pressure. But this plant is also efficacious in reducing gas in the intestines and aid digestion, says Jackie Newgent, a culinary nutritionist. He suggested, put rosemary into tea, or combine with celery or parsley. In Asia, turmeric is known as pain relievers and inflammation. Turmeric can also fight abdominal pain and bloated stomach, Newgent said.

Beans and lentils
Most patients who come to the potbellied Grotto consume too much sodium and potassium, and fiber deficiency. Lentils, with a high fiber content, is a good choice. Newgent added, nuts contain protein and high estrogen, which can reduce bloated because of menstruation.

Many people are sensitive to lactose, so it’s better to drink than milk yogurt. Moreover yogurt that has active cultures in it. “Yogurt is half-digested, milk and sugar in it already broke, while in the milk is not so, that could create a gas and bloated,” said Newgent.

Tip prevent bloated forever:
To make your stomach flat every day, here’s Grotto and Newgent suggestions:

1) Less supply of sodium and choose fresh foods, not packaged foods.
2) Limit your alcohol. When you drink alcohol, you could be dehydrated, so the body tries to retain fluid.
3) To bloated due to constipation (constipation), focus on foods that hold water.
4) Your lifestyle can affect. Make sure you do not lack of sleep, and spend 30 minutes a day of exercise in order to move fluids in your body.
5) Visit your doctor if you are not missing too bloated.

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